I.N.F.N. - Sezione di Cagliari

The Cagliari group deals with new data analysis techniques, the development of innovative detectors and cutting-edge software on GPUs for the analysis of large amounts of data

The Cagliari group is involved on new data analysis techniques and in the development of new detectors to search for physics phoenomena beyond the Standard Model in the future upgrades of the LHCb experiment.
In particular, we develop cutting-edge software running on GPU to analyse large amounts of data typically produced in LHC experiments e fot the detailed simulation of next-generation silicon sensor behaviour.
Moreover, we already produce and test prototypes of these sensors that will allow us to precisely distinguish particles coming out if the collisions we expect to have in future accelrators.


INFN research staff
Follows and supports the activities of the group in various projects, focusing on the improvement on simulation and reconstruction methods and experimental data analysis.

INFN reserch staff
Eagerly searches for antimatter and dark matter in the universe analysing data from LHCb and Darkside, strongly supporting a free science.

Post doc INFN
Works on development, modelling and simulation of solid state sensors for future tracking detector at the HL-LHC accelerator, with focus on the time resolution required in future LHCb upgrades.

Post doc INFN
Theoretical physicist and scientific outreach expert, he coordinates the outreach activities for INFN Cagliari and develops communication techniques and physics teaching in between art, technology and science.

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