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Apply for a unique experience reserved for the young people between 16 and 30. come and experience physics at the future accelerators as a protagonist and share the knowledge acquired!

What Next? was born from the passion and the desire to open the doors of the scientific world to young people! We want to share the charm of research and of the hidden, or unexplained, wonders of reality.
Despite what the common ideas could suggest, the Physics world is not reduced to boring and infinite calculations. In Physics, mathematics is just a language: the compass used in a journey made of discovery, intuition and adventure towards frontiers that we aim to reveal and describe.
The idea that gave life to the “What Next?” is the will to show the true essence of Physics up close through the everyday life of a prestigious reality such as I.N.F.N. (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS), where teams of scientists are involved in studying the fundamental interactions of reality.

What Next? is also an opportunity:

  • ● you can enter the Physics world by visiting an INFN department or a national laboratory for one day;
    ● you will be able to live side by side a particle physicist, participating and/or interacting with the work group;
    ● you will be able to closely observe some of the detectors under study for future experiments;
    ● you can participate and be the protagonist of a short film and scientific pills dedicated to the physics world and to the future accelerators;
    ● you will be able to discuss with other scientists and participants during the short film screening event;
    ● you can share your experience and contribute to scientific divulgation.

Are you curious about science? Do you want to discover the future of accelerators physics and its impact on society? Would you like to appear in a movie?
If you are between 16 and 30 years old, all you have to do is apply to “What Next? Young unfolding the future“ in few, very simple, steps!
Upload a one-minute self-presentation video by February 28, 2021 and tell us about you and your passions.
You will be invited to participate in a one day visit to a Section or a National Laboratory, so you can see the life of a particle physicist up close.

NOTICE: Due to the Italian situation up to the 28th of February 2021, we decided to posticipate the project and give two more months to those who are still undecided. The new deadline is on the 30th of April 2021. We expect many applications!!!

We want to stress our availability towards workers, who want to apply. We will propose to them different week days to visit u

How to participate?

Apply now in just a few simple steps:

1. Choose one or more thematic areas of your interest

2. Choose one of the labs throughout Italy

4. Make a one-minute video where you tell about yourself and your passions

5. Fill out the form below and send your video

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    Vuoi far parte del nostro corto?

    Ti incuriosisce la scienza? Vuoi scoprire il futuro della fisica agli acceleratori e il suo impatto sulla società? Vorresti apparire in un film? Allora tutto quello che devi fare è candidarti in pochi, semplicissimi, passi!