INFN: our "Wonderland"

The National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) is the Italian research agency dedicated to conduct theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics.


This project is promoted by the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), an Italian public research agency, supervised by the Ministry of Education,  Universities and Research (MIUR).

The INFN researches in the fields of  subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics in order to study the fundamental constituents of matter and the laws that rule them.

In tight collaborations cooperate with the university compartment, the INFN is located throughout the country with its many Sections and Laboratories.

“A large part of its research activities are carried out within international cooperations: INFN participates in experiments in the most prestigious laboratories and research centers in the world, and has collaborations in dozens of countries.”

Part of the scientists of the institution, guided by the Standard Model, focuses on the study of fundamental interactions through accelerator experiments. Their mission is to describe the Universe by searching for particles not existing in ordinary conditions.

The development of these activities requires advanced and innovative technologies which are often not yet invented. For this reason, INFN draws its strength from the coordinated work of over 4000 scientists, employees and associates, located in Italy and around the world.

Accelerators Physics

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